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I propose therapeutic tantral massage in Istanbul based on deep bodywork and energy work. During the course of my massage, I apply the knowledge that your body has acquired over many years, its bond with the mind, and everything that I have experienced for many years as a serious student of the tantric journey. If you want to feel the joy that your body can offer, raise your sensual experience to a higher level of consciousness...

Coach Asiva is a gifted healer - heart gift, caring, soft and kind, respectful, honorable and sophisticated. It creates a perfect safe space for your body. You can explore and discover the mystery and magic of your entire reproductive system to discover yourself. Do not hesitate if you have a chance to make a therapeutic tantric seance with her...

Kundalini Expert, Tantric practitioner, Professional Therapist Therapeutic White Tantra Expert and Chakra Energy healer.

Specialist in Kundalini energy awakening, Kundalini Tantric massage and Therapeutic White Tantra Rituals for your whole body and mind. Cleanse and purify your emotional and nervous system as well as your body with chakra exchange and balancing. At the same time, I specialize in human behavioral psychology-it changes according to the seances I have made with my partner-. I work intuitively with my guests and when I work with your energy in a massage therapy that provides a nice touche feeling that creates a unique and powerful experience in your seance you feel that each of my techniques for your needs is different, that is, no two massages or seance are the same. All seances are a different experience.

"In Tantra, physical touch balances health if it turns into life energy in person"

For appointment and detailed information: 0533 201 04 80

Tantra is the blessing of life, love and joy

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Tantra ıs an advanced form of love

My guests are mostly from city professions - Bankers, Lawyers, Merchants, Corporate Finance, Stocks and Brokers and IT sectors. Intercity Marketing as well as the Media sector.

I wish my guests to be successful in their seance and I wait for your call to be able to make your reservation, besides, to give more information. 0533 201 04 80​⁠​ You can call now from the telephone number
- Namaste -
Certified, Approved, Therapeutic Tantra Practitioner
Spirituel, White Tantra Expert and Chakra Energy Healer
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