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Thomas M ** - France - Lawyer

He had 3 hours Tantric experience with Asiva.

Dear Asiva .. Thank you so much for your Friday seance. I can feel a positive change within myself as you have told me when I left. I want you to know that I am very happy to tell you about the quality of your work. You are certainly one of the most professional and beautiful people I have ever met in my life. Throughout the seance, I have had a wonderful experience with Asiva's energy in my body and soul. In the 2-hour Tantra massage, the time and space connection in my mind completely disappeared and it was a perfect happiness for me.

I wanted to be in the same happiness for a long time. Still, I have no idea how fast two hours went. I slowly opened my eyes towards the end of my seance, one of the most sacred and wonderful moments of my life. The tears rolled my eyes and it was totally involuntary. I felt like I was back at my childhood, and I cannot find any word to explain it, I would advise others to speak to Asiva first for this experience. Certainly, I feel like I can not thank you enough. I am sure everyone who participates in the seance agrees with the things I mentioned above ...

Pieter C*** - Australia

This e-mail was sent after incoming guest had the first seance with Asiva ...

WOW where to start. The first thing I want to say is, I think, please treat Asiva with the respect she deserves, She is a very special person and really gives this service individual with Sprituel Tantra massage, it is an incredible experience for me that I have never felt before and if you are looking for an experience that will differentiate your life it is absolutely clear that you are in the right place, but please do not waste the time of Asiva if your expectations are different.

Asiva prepares you very well for the seance, but you should feel ready. You two will not know where you will go when the journey begins, but Asiva's resourceful, gentle and reassuring aspect will give you an incredible experience. I look forward to the next seance Again, Thank you...

Garry E*** - California

Garry's second seance is Tantric Experiment with Asiva.

I just want to mention that first seance with Asiva was just an initial for that I was going to live. At the end of the 2nd seance I realized that I could see very important things about myself and the situation. I really recommend Asiva as a true tantric healer. And I hope to see Asiva soon again, thanks for everything.

Ken R**** - Singapore - China

Ken's third, 4 hour seance was a Tantric Experiment with Asiva.

For those who have never experienced it, to express Tantric experience with words is very difficult. I really do not know what to write like a diary. I believe that you have to be open to new experiences in life, so you have to accept a new way of thinking, because we have to continue to grow and achieve this.

In short, Siva has given me a unique experience in all our tantric seances that I will never forget, and now I know better what I need to do to accomplish what I want in my life. I am grateful to you for your teaching.

Andreas T*** - Dubai

It was Andreas' second seance and Tantric Experience with Asiva.

I got stronger after working with Asiva. My energy of life has begun to come. I look forward to the next meeting with Asiva, I know it will continue to deepen!

I will discover more about myself, and I will connect with people around me, people I love and others. NAMASTE ...

Chris N**** - Germany

Chris sent this comment via e-mail after his first meeting with Asiva.

From the beginning of his life, Asiva has offered me a welcoming environment based on open communication with trust and sincerity. This is a journey of self-discovery as well as a journey of healing, directing you to connect with creative energy.

The recommended rituals are a wonderful experience that makes you more relaxed and more open. The following massage is an experience based on Asiva's expertise in the magical tantric practical field. I will definitely recommend friends who will come to Turkey, Thank you Asiva ...

Martin C*** - Belgium

Martin had Tantric experience with Asiva for 3 hours.

Dear Asiva .. It was a real awakening for me to meet you. I have been in a long research since I heard the tantric seance and frankly I had a few bad experiences and I always looked at it with suspicion, but first of all I paid attention to your web site in Turkey and it was excellent for me to know you with yours extraordinary voice tone and explanations. I will call you again when I visit your country as soon as possible, thank you very much for giving me an experience that changed my life. You're right, I will never be the same!

Jerry M*** - Chicago - USA

Jerry's the first 2 hour seance Tantric Experience with Asiva.

If you want warmth, beauty, sincerity, peace, happiness, then Asiva is worth seeing. I felt good with a loving and thoughtful touch, my heart and soul heated with a warm happiness. I look forward to seeing her again.

Berk A*** - Turkey

Berk's first conference with Asiva, 4 hour seance Tantra Experience.

Before my visit, I had a very poor knowledge of Tantra and I had difficulty realizing what kind of seance it was. When I was researching, I encountered the page of Asiva and the sincere voice I heard when I called and the information he gave me brought us together the same day. We openly spoke about your experience and expectation which are full of respect, emotionality, loosening and relaxation.

Asiva guided me in the direction of the goal of my seance. I opened my eyes feeling like a new one at the end of a long seance, it was an amazing spiritual experience for me and I look forward to seeing you again .

Cyrille N** - France

Cyrille's first seance with Asiva was 3 hours Tantra Experience.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years. With beauty, care and therapeutic touch, Asiva took me to an utterly different deeply undiscovered place, I felt the energy inside me rose and spread all over, I did not expect it to be so intense, frankly I was very surprised. Asiva is a source of inspiration beyond belief.

She is very kind and she is literally a soul. If you want to know the experience, make an appointment with Asiva and live in.

Semi D*** - Ankara

Semi's first 3 hour seance with Asiva was Tantra Experience.

I experienced a wonderful tantra seance with personalized service. She really got me into a level of happiness that I was not familiar with. we will certainly repeat. Yours sincerely.

Richard B***

Thats right. I was 68 years old and I felt what while I was 20 years old. Amazing Fantastic, Fabulous, I can not think of another word to describe the emotion. You're a really nice presence. I thank you so much.

Simon A** - Canada

Simon's first 2 hour seance with Asiva was Tantra Experience.

All I can say is a perfect experience for salvation. The Asiva melts everything he touches. I cannot wait to touch and melt again Thank you...

Alex D**** - Germany

Alex's first conference with Asiva, 3 hours Tantra seance experience

A wonderful human from a wonderful tale! Very attentive and caring. He is very skilled and you will certainly not be disappointed. Thank you, Asiva...

Davies G*** - India

Davies' first seance attending with his wife, 2 hours Tantric Experience with Asiva

We are a harmonious couple who have experienced the tantra experience before. Asiva seance in our visit to Turkey with my wife was an absolute perfection that was loved for us.

When the seance was over, I left alone on another planet with my wife, we recommend to all compatible couples who want to glorify each other in the spiritual peace seeking a different experience adventure. I and my wife will definitely meet again when we come to Turkey, thank you Asiva...

İvan M*** - Russia

4th seance Tantric Experience with Asiva

Asiva is an incredible spectacular therapist. I have seen him a few times, and every time I walk in, I always felt comfortable until I left and I felt a sense of calm all over my soul.

In seasons Asiva spread pure light, sharing willingly love and brightness. The senses of warmth and dedication on his hands have distracted my mind from all the stress and worries of my daily life. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend to meet her. You also need to do the timing very well. Thank you, Asiva ..

Murat **** - Turkey

The first time I met with tantral massage was in September 2016 with Asiva, who was able to convey his perfect energy with confidence and comfort. According to me, the phrase "Taste is in the palate" fits this massage system .

What I feel during the tantra is very different, you are not you, you can control the energy and / or deliver the energy to Asiva and make another trip to another world. The magnetic field seems to involve you, you can sense the feeling of cotton that clouds give, starting with your skin through the depth of the brain and heart. Asiva, I say to you in one word “Fortunately, I took Tantra from you"

Thabit S** - Egypt

Thabit's 3rd Tantric seance with Asiva was 4 hours of experience.

We often meet someone inside and out who is very beautiful, which reclaims our belief in humanity. Asiva is such a person. After the first phone call with her, I was attracted to everything she told and go with great happiness. Asiva, as soon as I entered the door, with a warm and positive approach, made me feel completely at home. Hospitality creates a very comfortable environment for you, When it comes to his seance, you just should live and I can say that Asiva is a healer that will touch your sensual feelings, helping you to understand that you have more than you think . I strongly recommend that, I hope that all of you will have a chance to live this, one day.