Cosmıc Lıfe wıth Tantra


Tantra Masajı Nedir?

Cosmıc Lıfe wıth Tantra

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Tantra is basically a different approach.

Tantra says; as long as you do not take pleasure, you cannot help someone else to take pleasure. You cannot serve others unless you are fully satisfied with yourself; you cannot help others to be satisfied with themselves. As long as your happiness does not overflow, you are a danger to society, because a self-sacrificing person is always a sadist. If your mother keeps saying to you, "I sacrificed myself for you," she tortures you. The husband is a sadistic torturer if he says to his wife, "I sacrificed myself”. Sacrifice is nothing but a fraudulent way of torturing someone else.

So, those who always sacrifice are very dangerous, potentially dangerous. Be careful with them and do not sacrifice yourself. Even the word itself is unpleasant. Have fun, be full of happiness, when happiness overflows, it will reach others. But this is not a sacrifice. Nobody owes you; No one needs to thank you. In fact, you will be most grateful to others because they shared your happiness. The words "sacrifice", "duty", "service" are unpleasant, because these are full of violence.

Tantra says: If you are not full of light, how can you help others to be enlightened? Be selfish - only then can you be altruistic, otherwise the whole concept of altruism is nonsense. Be happy - then you can help someone else to be happy. If you are sad, unhappy, in pain, you become rude to others and create misery for others.

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