What ıs Tantra massage?


Tantra Masajı Nedir?

What ıs Tantra massage?

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The Tantric doctrine with the seven thousand years history has emerged in India

Taking a tantric massage is an opportunity to learn about your body, you can learn how each section gives you a sensual pleasure, how each piece responds to certain senses differently. You can learn exactly what you like about your body.

As humans, we need to be willing and touching. Just leave the serotonin by holding a hand. When you touch, you produce so many useful chemicals nourishing and release into your body. All these chemicals have the positive effects on both your body and your mood. These chemicals, mood enhancers, muscle relaxants, painkillers, immunity enhancers, increase the blood flow and have antioxidant and anti aging properties.

When you discover your body and it invite you to enjoy, you can leave the feeling of shame and guilt. You can learn to heal your wounds, awaken your body, and increase your sense of receptivity for joy. While learning to use your daily life, you can use it as your living power when you create sensual energy. You will grow up in self-respect, self-worth and self-esteem, giving up limiting your thought patterns that keep you small, when you are surrendered to yourself and your life.

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